Emily Georgeson



A native of Tomah, WI, Emily discovered the serious bike racing culture of SoCal when she moved to Los Angeles 2 years ago.  After connecting with the Helen’s Women's Cycling team 2 months after her arriva, she started her first road racing season in January 2012, as a category 4.

With the ‘incredible support’ of her team, she has quickly risen through the cycling ranks, upgrading to category 3 in April of 2012 and Category 2 in September of the same year!!

Along the way she has won the Category 3/4 Southern California/Nevada State Championship Criterium in August 2012 and now with her victory in the Tour de Murrieta Omnium she is joining the Nature Valley Cycling team for the 2013 Nature Valley Grand Prix.


RacingTeam: Helen's Cycles