Anna Christiansen


Our second native of the Midwest (Grand Rapids, MN) to join the Nature Valley Cycling Team this year, Anna tells us she has been leading a bike-centric car-free lifestyle since starting college back in 2004.

Racing didn’t enter the picture though until she met some members of her current team at a BBQ and joined them for a ride. Riding with them was so much fun she decided to give racing a shot and halfway into her first race she was completely hooked.

She loved the sense of team strength and cohesiveness that she hadn’t previously experienced in any sport (track, rugby, basketball). Even though she hardly knew her teammates, having a strong plan and the idea of suffering together for a goal made something click.

She has been racing every weekend from February through August ever since (including her support of 2012 NVPC alum and Optum Pro Cycling rider Brie Walle) and tells us she has had some of the most incredible experiences with my teammates and would not have fallen in love with the sport in this way had I not been introduced to it through the structure of Ironclad/Yakima and Dave Aldersebaes with OBRA as the foundation.

She is very excited to race the Nature Valley Grand Prix and is looking forward to the challenge of keeping up with the pros.

RacingTeam: Ironclad/Yakima